Monday, 28 September 2015

My Love... My Pain - The Book

Shaylee is your everyday young adult starting her first year at University. She's excited to be breaking in to the adult world while nervous to see what it all holds at the same time. Although not from a very well off background, Shaylee and her single mother try their very best to make ends meet. Her mother working late shifts at the hospital and Shaylee putting in hours as a waitress at the University Cafeteria while studying.

Dominic is from a different city. A different background. A different way of life. His love for boxing and medicine bring out a balance in his rough and soft side.
When Dominick meets Shaylee it would be so easy to say that it is a "match made in Heaven" but it never is when there's a twist to the tale.

There is one thing standing in the way of their friendship or developing relationship. One person who can change everything for them...

Shaylee is already in a relationship with Kyle and he isn't ready to let her go anytime soon... or ever.

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